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Bringing Back Christmas

Coming to select streamers November 17!

In Bringing Back Christmas, it’s two weeks before Christmas and Daniel Reece has just been fired after 17 years of service and right before his son, with special needs, is slated for an expensive surgery.

Daniel’s hopelessness cues a sassy angel, whose been following him in disguise, to take Daniel on a humorous and inspiring journey back in time to witness the trials of Joseph and Mary before the very first Christmas.

Daniel observes their quirky parents of the young couple squabbling over the marriage “deal” and dances at their beautiful wedding. He sees the loving couple build a beautiful home and life together before being abruptly forced to by Roman soldiers to leave it all behind.

With humor and faith, the holy couple along with their hilarious in-laws remind Daniel how God’s love can carry him through any challenge and face the future with hope.

Bringing Back Christmas is now streaming on Amazon, Apple TV, Comcast, Charter, Cox, and Vudu. Watch Bringing Back Christmas now!


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